The Isle of Wight


The Isle of Wight

Hello Everyone, Dorothy here! I cannot believe that the summer is officially ‘In Full Swing’! The sun is out, the heat is rising, and us Belles are here, there and everywhere! (If you want find out  what we are up to, you can always check out our gig list!) We have had a very busy few months, but we always enjoy the summer time, as there is so much to going on! Parties, weddings, fetes, and festivals! In fact, The Three Belles have just performed at The Isle Of Wight Festival, and what an amazing weekend it was!


Us Belles have performed at The Isle Of Wight Festival for 3 years running, and it is always an amazing experience! Not only do you get to see amazing bands and hear great music, there is always so much going on! We always perform in The Hipshaker Tent,  which over music for nearly ever era, from the 1940s, to the swinging 60s, there is always people dancing, and smiling and cheering, no matter what music is playing, or who is performing!

Fancy, a good old fashioned knees up and sing along? Then The Intoxicated Tea Rooms is the place for you to be! With bunting as far as the eye can see, jazz music, and dancing from our good friends at Swing 4 all, you cannot go wrong! They even have a bunker where you can sing along with all those war time tunes!We love the Isle Of Wight Festival! It is always an adventure for The Belles!

But the fun on The Isle Of Wight is not over for the Belles! We are heading back there in a matter of weeks for The Isle Of Wight Steam Railway’s 1940s experience, and we absolutely love it!  Come along for a trip back in time, and relive the hustle and bustle of a country railway station. And there so much going on! You can learn to swing dance with the Cinque Port Lindy Hoppers, have your hair styled into victory rolls,  enjoy the refreshments from The Spitfire Bar, and have a look around at all the military vehicles! There is even a Punch and Judy Show! We are so excited to be performing, so do some along!

So us Belles want to say thank you Isle Of Wight! For always providing us will a smile! We will see you soon!