First of all, seeing your favourite music artist live is normally always an unforgettable experience!

Excitingly Overwhelming

Yes, it’s excitingly overwhelming. When the huge wait is almost over, you’ll start to feel overpowered by your degree of energy. It’s probably become such an important event to you that there’s no doubt you’ll be thinking about it and planning weeks in advance. Asking questions, such as ‘what shall I wear?’, ‘how shall I do my hair?’, ‘which songs will they play?’, ‘how long will the lineup be?’ and so much more. But when the moment comes and you’re finally waiting in front of the stage, just remember to take a full breath and enjoy yourself! It will be a memory that you’ll remember forever.


When the lights go down and you’re waiting for your favourite music artists to take the stage, you’ll feel nothing but Euphoria. Which feels like intense excitement and state of happiness! For a short second, you might even feel you’ve almost lost your hearing. A couple of seconds after, the house lights go up and you start to hear the weak sound of the band playing their first notes. The second you longed for has finally come. And it’s more satisfying than you ever imagined!

Prompt Nostalgia

Music can evoke all different kinds of feelings. After going to watch your favourite artist or band, it’s completely normal to feel nostalgia afterwards. This is because that night will give you nothing but happy thoughts and is likely to create a special place in your heart. Large numbers of us experience a snapshot of sentimentality while at a live show too. The best thing about music is its capacity to help you to remember individuals, spots, and things that mean the most to you. Don’t be surprised if you hear the artists/bands songs somewhere and it brings you back to the live show performance. It’s a great way to relive the memories!

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